is Dream Giveaway Legit – Everything you should know

Dream Giveaway offers an innovative way to win cars, trucks and motorcycles. This online platform allows you to enter to win incredible prizes. This blog post will explain what Dream Giveaway is and how it works.

What Is offer some wonderful car and shopping prizes. The downside is that no limit exists on how many can play in each Dream Giveaway contest.

Dream Giveaway sweepstakes are open to anyone at least 18 years old and a legal resident of the USA.

The upside is even the taxes are considered and covered by Dream Giveaway. And just take a look at what you can win. On top of that, the Dream Giveaway ticket costs go to charity. Admirable!

How does Dream Giveaway work?

You can enter the Dream Giveaway sweepstakes by visiting the website and selecting the sweepstakes you wish to participate in.

You will then be asked to enter your personal details, including your name, email address and address. Prices start at $3 for each Dream Car Giveaway entry.

You have a better chance of winning if you buy more entries. After the sweepstakes has ended, a random winner will be selected from the entries.

Dream Giveaway contacts each winner to arrange for delivery of the prize. It’s so easy!

Who Can Participate? is open to anyone over 18 years old, but it seems targeted towards residents of the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec).

I don’t know how they would deliver the cars to you if you were somewhere else or if any costs would be involved. You could opt for cash value instead.

The odds are calculated by comparing the number of tickets sold to 1 prize. It is not capped.

Why should you participate?

Dream Giveaway is a great way to win cars, trucks, bikes, and other prizes most people cannot afford. This is a great way to fulfill your automotive fantasies and own a part of automotive history.

You’ll also be helping some wonderful charities. A portion of proceeds from every sweepstake is donated to charities such as veterans’ groups and children’s hospitals.

What Are the Prizes Offered by Dream Giveaway?

The Dream Giveaway ticket price is the same whether you go for the Bandit Dream Package, Corvette, Mustang, Camaro, or Shopping Spree.

All of them come with additional cash for taxes. You can opt out of the car and instead receive cash (are you crazy?).

These are some serious dream packages, including some unique cars. The website is very basic and only contains essential information.

Who Owns Dream Giveaway?

New Beginning Children’s Home (NBCH) runs a Dream Giveaway. It is a registered charity in the United States which provides foster care assistance.

They all support other charities, including MADD and Smile Network International Bright Pink.

You can easily contact them via their website, which has a snail-mail address, two telephone numbers (direct and free) and an online form. is available Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.

How to Collect a Prize?

Each prize option has its own draw date, so check the small print to put it on your calendar. One “conditional” grand prize winner is drawn along with three options.

The winner will be emailed within three business days of the draw. If can’t reach you, the alternative is that they will go to someone else.

What are the Benefits of Dream giveaway

Dream Giveaway offers people a chance to win luxury vehicles and other prizes.

The Dream Giveaway offers many benefits:

Win Dream Cars: The platform allows participants to win cars, trucks, motorbikes, and other prizes they may not be able to afford otherwise.

The prizes are a mix of classic muscle cars and modern supercars. This is a great platform for car lovers.

Supporting charity Dream Giveaway donates part of each sweepstake’s proceeds to charities such as veterans’ organizations or children’s hospitals.

You can win a fantastic vehicle by entering these sweepstakes. In addition, you will be supporting great causes.

Easy entry: Dream Giveaway sweepstakes is easy to enter. You only need to visit the website to select the sweepstakes you wish to enter.

You can buy as many entries as you like after you fill out your personal details.

Fair and transparent: The platform ensures the sweepstakes is fair and transparent.

The website will announce the winner at random from the submissions.

Fun and exciting: The Dream Giveaway sweepstakes will allow you to fulfill your automotive dreams excitingly.

Even if you do not win, the excitement and anticipation of the results can still be thrilling.

is Dream Giveaway Legitimate?

Yes, Dream Giveaway is a legitimate website and company. Since 2008, the platform has distributed over $50 million in prizes. The company’s headquarters is in Clearwater, Florida. It is run by professionals who love high-end cars.

The platform is considered legitimate for several reasons. The company has been registered in the United States and is licensed to run as a sweepstakes site. The sweepstakes will be conducted according to all applicable laws, regulations, and rules to ensure they are fair.

Dream Giveaway has also donated a portion of the proceeds of each sweepstakes to a variety of charities for a long time. Over the years, the company has donated millions to charities such as children’s hospitals and veterans’ groups.

This commitment to give back to the community is a testament to the validity of the platform. The platform has also received positive feedback from participants who won prizes.

The website and social media have been flooded with photos and testimonials of winners, proving that the platform and the prize are legitimate.

Dream Giveaway is also active on social networks. The company maintains verified accounts on Facebook and Instagram. It also posts regular updates and news regarding upcoming sweepstakes.

How do I contact the platform?

To place an order call 866-600-0646

Customer Service:  Please call 727-228-1479 (M-F 9am – 5pm Eastern Time Zone) or email


  • Dream Giveaway
  • 12955 Starkey Road, Suite 3900
  • Largo, Florida 33773

Official Website:

Wrapping Up: Is Dream Giveaway legit?

Dream Giveaway is an official website which offers sweepstakes to participants for the chance to win luxury vehicles. Since 2008, the platform has distributed over $50 million in prizes.

The platform has been registered and licensed in the United States to operate as a sweepstakes website and complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

It has been a tradition for the platform to donate a portion of proceeds from every sweepstakes to various charities. Dream Giveaway is available via email, telephone, social media, or their mailing address.

The customer service team at the company is responsive and knowledgeable and can assist with any questions or concerns. Dream Giveaway is an excellent platform for those who wish to support charities and win luxury vehicles.

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